The younger, the better? A usage-based approach to learning and teaching of English in Danish primary schools
Principal Investigator   Teresa Cadierno
Investigators   Board of experts: M. P. García Mayo, A. Housen, C. Muñoz
Date   2014 - 2018
Grant Number  
Awarded by   The Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities
Summary   This project investigates early learning and teaching of English in Danish primary schools. Specifically, it examines the age factor by collectiing and comparing proficiency test data from children introduced to English in the 1st grade and the 3rd grade, respectively. In addition, the project investigages contextual factors (the quantity and quality of exposure to English inside and outside the classroom) and socio-affective factors (children's motivation and attitudes towards learning, and parents' education, (perceived) proficiency in the foreign language, their attitudes towards language learning, and their use of the foreign language professionally) in children's rate of L2 learning and short-term English language proficiency.
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