Team teaching in English-Medium instruction programmes at university: Fostering language and content teacher collaboration
Principal Investigator   David Lasagabaster
Investigators   Aintzane Doiz, Esther Gómez Lacabex, Francisco Gallardo et al.
Date   2016 - 2020
Grant Number   FFI2016-79377
Awarded by   Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
Summary   The main objective of the project is to implement a four-year longitudinal study in which content and language teachers’ collaboration will be monitored in Spanish, Italian and French universities. These three countries have been chosen on the grounds that they share remarkable similarities regarding the presence of English in everyday life and the general English proficiency of the stakeholders. The study will facilitate and stimulate the collaborative process between language and content teachers, while EMI teachers and students are made aware of the key role that language plays in the learning of content in English. In this way the stakeholders will eventually see the additional time devoted to language as a worthwhile investment that will help them to improve not only their English proficiency, but also students’ assimilation of the subject content. Therefore, the project intends to measure the impact of team teaching on both academic results and English language development of both teachers and students, while pinpointing the factors that lead to these results.
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