Learning English with Computers at University Level


Abstract  CALL has been available to language teachers and learners for a number of years and, despite the many problems it presents (Powell, 1998), CALL is currently experiencing a come-back based on the development of multimedia programmes which take full advantage of desktop computers. The field has undergone a boost offering teachers and learners a wide range of technology-based pedagogical materials. Several researchers (including the authors of this paper) are in favour of including students in the evaluation of CALL software programmes, claiming that they are the ones who will ultimately benefit from well-designed materials. This is the reason why we carried out a study in which students were given the opportunity to express their opinions about the software they used in the multimedia laboratory. The sample was made up of 59 undergraduates who completed a questionnaire. The conclusion to be drawn is that students clearly see software programmes as a complementary tool in the foreign language classroom.

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