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Angi Chiesa Barceló

Angi Chiesa Barceló holds a B.A. in Semitic Philology and an M.A. in Assyriology from the University of Barcelona. She also holds an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Nebrija University. Her second M.A. research studied the role of Phonological Working Memory in Second Language Speech Production.

She taught Spanish/L2 as Senior Visiting Lecturer at the University of Haifa (Israel)  between  2007 to 2010. There she won the Best Lecturer Award of the Department of Foreign Languages. Since 2009 Angi is an independent L2 Spanish teacher and since 2010 she also acts as a Teachers Trainer, both roles in the Cervantes Institute (Tel Aviv) where she designed & coordinated a Peer Observation Project.

Since 2013 she has a blog where she writes about SLA and Teaching Methodology (Materia Orgánica,

Her PhD dissertation focuses on Cross-linguistic influences in Multilingual Acquisition supervised by Dr. María Junkal Gutierrez Mangado.

Conferences Papers

29/9/2014: Spanish L2 Teachers & Their Beliefs about Plurilingualism. POSTER at I Congreso Internacional Nebrija en Lingüística Aplicada a la Enseñanza de lenguas: en camino hacia el plurilingüismo. Nebrija University, Madrid (Spain).

19/9/2014: Spanish L2 Reading Skill & the Intercomprehension in Romanic Languages. At XXIII Congreso Internacional ASELE; published at University of Girona, Spain.

2/6/2011: The Acquisition of the Spanish L2 Articles: Stages of Interlanguage & Syllabus Writing. At De Sefarad a Jerusalén: rumbos y perspectivas del Hispanismo en Israel. Hebrew University, Jerusalem (Israel).

21/6/2009: The Role of the Lecturer in the Spanish L2 Classroom. At Pasado, presente y futuro: miradas transversales al ELE en Israel. Hebrew University, Jerusalem (Israel).

Research Interests

Second Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Working Memory, Multilingualism