The relevance of attention to form in communicative classroom contexts

ELIA- Estudios de Lingüística Inglesa Aplicada

This paper presents an overview of the rationale for the return to the relevance of L2 form in the communicative language classroom, and provides ideas about how to draw learners’ attention to formal aspects of language within the backdrop of a task-based approach to language teaching. The paper offers an updated review of the approach to grammar instruction known as Focus-on-Form (FonF), an instructional option that calls for an integration of grammar and communication in non-native language teaching, and provides research-informed insights that might be of use for the classroom practitioner. Several avenues for research on FonF are also presented, considering new instructional settings and the access to computer-mediated communication. A call for the strengthening of the link between second language acquisition (SLA) research findings and language pedagogy is made as a way to contribute to more ecologically valid classroom research and pedagogy.