A postdoctoral fellowship for up to 12 months is available immediately on the EU Marie Curie Research Training Network “Sound to Sense”. The post is funded for up to 12 months ending on 30th April 2011. The fellow will be based in the Language and Speech Laboratory in Vitoria but will spend some time at Charles University Prague.


The main objective of the project is to clarify the role of the various factors in foreign accent perception via a tightly-linked series of behavioural and computer modelling studies. The position involves:

  1. Collecting corpora for foreign accent analysis from Czech and Spanish speakers using English as their foreign language
  2. Identification of the main phonetic correlates of foreign accent in each language by phonetic analysis with other phoneticians in Prague and Vitoria
  3. Speech signal manipulation and re-synthesis in temporal, frequency and intensity domains
  4. Collecting data from experimental situations concerning listeners’ judgement.

More details can be found at the Sound to Sense website.