Contemporary Approaches to Second Language Acquisition(Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics award 2014)

978 90 272 0525 4
John Benjamins

Second language acquisition (SLA) is a field of inquiry which hasincreased in importance since the 1960s. Early research was descriptive and tied to language teaching pedagogy but the interest in the nature of learner language changed this direction of inquiry. Nowadays, researchers adopt multiple perspectives in the analysis of learner language, all of them providing different but complementary answers to the understanding of oral and written data produced by young and older learners in different settings. This edited collection brings together the most recent research on the major perspectives on SLA (formal-generative, interactionist, systemic-functional, processing, usage-based, neurolinguistic, socio-cultural, processability, dynamic systems and skill acquisition theories). The contributors will provide state-of-the art reviews of recent research on their respective areas and present empirical data supporting their views