Collaborative writing and feedback: An exploratory study of the potential of models in primary EFL students’ writing performance

Language Teaching for Young Learners

Research on collaborative writing and models as a form of written corrective feedback has been conducted with adult participants but research with children is scarce despite the growth of early EFL learning in schoolsettings in the past twenty years. The aim of the present exploratory study was to analyze what EFL primary school children noticed and incorporated during a three-stage task and completed in collaboration. The participantswere 12 children (11–12 years old) divided into a treatment group, which received a model, and a control group, which self-edited their texts. The findings showed that what children noticed at Stage 1 were mostly grammarLREs, whereas at Stage 2 both groups focused most of their attention on content and lexical LREs, with statistically significant differences between the treatment group and the control group. Significant differences were alsofound between Stage 1 and 3 regarding lexical LREs in the treatment group. Pedagogical recommendations will also be discussed in light of these findings.