Alberto García Pujals


Alberto García Pujals is a PhD researcher working on the influence of feedback and assessment on motivation, autonomy and learning experience in university settings of Spanish as a foreign language in Germany. His work is supervised by Dr. David Lasagabaster in the Universidad del País Vasco. He holds two BAs, one in Translation and Interpreting from the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio and one in Journalism from the Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Then he completed the MA in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Instituto Cervantes und Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo.


Research Interests


Research interests: motivation, assessment, feedback, writing, speaking, autonomy, learning experience.


Selected pubications:


– “La gramática pedagógica: fusión de forma y significado”, RElingüística Aplicada, Nr. 13, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana de México.


– “Cómo explotar un texto en clase de ENE“, RElingüística Aplicada, Nr. 12, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana de México.


– “Estudio de percepción de universitarios alemanes sobre estrategias de retroalimentación correctiva de la expresión escrita”, MarcoELE, Nr. 17.


Abstract: For the present study we applied five corrective feedback strategies of written expression in order that the students valued them in terms of agility, learning and motivation, always from his own point of view and through a final questionnaire. We selected action research as the most appropriate scientific paradigm allowing the adaption of each corrective feedback strategy of written expression to a specific classroom context in order to identify those students perceived as the most effective, thus placing the perception of learners at the center of this teaching-learning process . Since no studies analyzing learners’ perceptions about corrective feedback of writing have been found for an academic context similar to this work, we had to try adapted and combined corrective feedback strategies to find out the one students lerned more with. The aim is that the findings of this study contribute to the teaching community guidance on which corrective feedback strategy of writing might be the most effective in a given learn context.



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