Sustainable development in a diverse world

Principal investigator
Dino Pinelli.
2005 - 2010
Grant Number
Awarded by
Comisión Europea - VI Programa Marco

SUS.DIV’s primary objective is to integrate the research capabilities that are currently scattered across Europe. This is done by researching on sustainability and diversity. The desired objective is to provide our society and polity with the instruments and tools required to manage cultural diversity as a key element of a new strategy for sustainable development.SUS.DIV has a multidisciplinary approach to cultural diversity. Its elaborates a framework within which different approaches can equally express themselves: thus we aim to seek compatibility of actions rather than commonality of views. The project objectives are achieved by means of a Joint Programme of Activities (JPA) made up of Research Tasks and Structuring Action Lines.This primary objective can be broken down into four subsidiary objectives: 1. To promote lasting co-operation and integration, bringing about a new way of carrying out research in Europe;2. To produce world class research, thereby expanding the knowledge frontier towards: * A better understanding of cultural assets and how their diversity contributes to human welfare and knowledge creation * A better understanding of the dynamics of cultural diversity in Europe and the world in relation to the processes of globalisation, European integration and enlargement * A better understanding of cultural dialogue as a key mechanism through which cultural diversity can lead to knowledge creation and social capital3. To serve the wider European research, policy and business community and the public at large, by promoting new excellence, preparing the next generation of researchers and creating enduring physical and virtual spaces of interactions among researchers and stakeholders;4. To increase the participation and the role of women in research.